Top 10 Jobs in Nigeria That Will Be most available in 2023

Top 10 Jobs in Nigeria That Will Be most available in 2023
Top 10 Jobs in Nigeria That Will Be most available in 2023

Article summary:

  • In 2023, Nigeria’s most available jobs cover sectors such as customer service, retail, and education.
  • These opportunities cater to a wide range of skill levels, making them more accessible to job seekers.
  • The top 10 jobs provide a solid foundation for those entering the workforce or considering a career change in the Nigerian job market.

The Nigerian job market is always changing, giving people looking for work in different fields more options. Some jobs require very specific skills, but others are easier to get into and can be done by a wider range of people. In this piece, we’ll look at the top 10 most available jobs in Nigeria in 2023. This will show people who want to get a job or change careers what they can do.

1) People who work in customer service: Customer service representatives are very important to maintaining a good bond between a business and its customers. With the growth of businesses like e-commerce and telecommunications, there is always a need for people who are good at customer service and can answer questions and solve problems quickly.

2) Sales Representatives: Sales reps are a key part of how businesses in many different industries make money. In Nigeria, salespeople are always needed in industries like fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and technology. Most of the time, this job requires good communication and people skills.

3) Administrative assistants: Administrative helpers are important for making sure that organisations run smoothly. They help with things like organising, paperwork, and managing the office. Administrative assistants are still in high demand because companies are growing in many different areas.

4) Drivers: With the growth of the transportation and logistics businesses in Nigeria, people are looking for drivers more and more. From taxis and ride-hailing services to delivery services, drivers with legal licences and good driving records have a lot of options.

5) Teachers: Nigeria’s school system is still growing, which means there is a higher demand for qualified teachers at all levels. Teaching jobs are available all over the country, from elementary schools to high schools and even professional schools.

6) Security guards: As businesses and neighbourhoods grow, the need for security guards to keep property safe and keep things running smoothly has grown. There are security jobs in many different fields, and most of them don’t require much or any special training, which makes them easier for people to get.

7) Workers in stores: Nigeria’s retail business is booming, which means there are lots of jobs for salespeople, cashiers, and store managers. As more shopping malls and stores open, there is still a high demand for people who work in retail.

8) Technicians who fix and maintain things: As Nigeria’s infrastructure and technology keep getting better, the country needs more and more skilled upkeep and repair technicians. These people are in charge of fixing and maintaining tools, machinery, and buildings. This helps businesses and organisations run smoothly.

9) Managers of social media: As digital marketing becomes more popular, businesses are looking for experts who can handle their social media presence well. Social media managers are in charge of creating interesting material and keeping a brand’s online presence up-to-date. Because of this, this job is common in many different industries.

10) Event Planners: In Nigeria, the event planning industry has grown a lot in the last few years as more people and businesses hire professionals to help them plan and run events. Event planners are in charge of putting together and running events like weddings, conferences, and company parties.


The Nigerian job market has a lot of different jobs for people to choose from. The top 10 most available jobs are in different fields and require different levels of skill. These easy-to-find chances are a good place to start for people who want to join the workforce or change careers in 2023.

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