Guide To Living and Working in Dubai On A Budget – According to

work at Dubai
work at Dubai

Guide To Living and Working in Dubai On A Budget – According to Most expats get accustomed to a tax-free lifestyle in Dubai, and then always find themselves spending an immense amount of money on a day-to-day living expenses and luxurious temptations, which leads to saving less and even plunging into debt. Workatdubai care for your finances even after getting you a good paying job. So, here are a few key tips on how to live within a budget in Dubai and reduce the amount you spend.

Make A Spending Budget – And Then Stick To It

Make a weekly or monthly budget, and don’t allow the numerous temptations that Dubai will offer cause you to lose sight of your long term goals. Remember that between 25-30% of your monthly income is likely to be soaked up by fixed expenses like rent, and utility bills.Don’t fixate on an actual sum that you want to save; rather focus on the percentage of your monthly income that you squirrel away. It could be 25% or maybe 30%.

Homemade Meals Are Good Too!

Dinner at a restaurant sounds really awesome, but maybe one a week and not every day. A good homemade meal will definitely save you some money instead of splurging on an exotic meal at a restaurant. If you’re not much of a cook, you can always check out the local Mandi, Curry or Manakeesh shops for budget-friendly meals that’ll last you a long time.

Timing Is Everything

Stocking up on winter clothing for the December holiday? Buy in the middle of summer. Dubai’s sales and outlets are legendary, so if you can keep your urges for retail therapy on the leash for just a little past season’s peak you can do very well indeed. A nice pair of desert-boots will probably be half price in Dubai in July or August. Want to purchase a classic winter coat for cooler temperatures? Buy when it’s hot or on sale.Same applies with travel. Once the schools and colleges are out and it’s vacation time, air-fares hit their peak. If you have the flexibility to plan your holidays for off-peak times, you can save a lot. Air-fares will rise dramatically around June 15th each year and stay high until about September 15th. But that being said, there’s often a quiet time in mid-July.

Find A Roommate

Moving to Dubai alone and looking for ways to save up? Get yourself a roomie and split your expenses with them. You can find shared accommodation for rent/roommates on Dubizzle. The big costs in Dubai are housing and schooling. If you have these covered by your employer, then the costs you face are at your discretion. If not, single people can get relatively cheap housing by sharing an apartment. Another tip is to find an apartment close to the subway. When it comes to transportation, the subway is always the fastest and cheapest option. The subway has stops at every mall and main location in the city, so it will be easy for you to reach to your destination.

Get Entertained For Free!

In Dubai, there are always events to keep you entertained every time! Best part is, it gets much better from September all the way till April. A lot of activities can be done without spending a lot of money. Leave behind the malls and go to Jumeirah’s public beach. It’s clean, full of activities, and with amenities. Hit the park, go sand-surfing, camping, and hiking; there are lots of other amazing outdoor activities to do as well.

Now you see, living in Dubai is not as expensive as portrayed sometimes. You can still live that luxurious life in Dubai, without digging a hole in your pockets.

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