Why more and more Nigerian students are choosing to study in Sudan

Why more and more Nigerian students are choosing to study in Sudan
Why more and more Nigerian students are choosing to study in Sudan

Why more and more Nigerian students are choosing to study in Sudan – The Federal Government said a few days ago that 5,500 Nigerians who live in war-torn Sudan are ready to leave. Many of them went to the North African country to learn.

Before European and Arab masters came to Africa, the name Sudan came from an Arabic word that meant “black nations” or “land of blacks.”

Arab travellers called all of the Savannah areas outside of the rainforests and up to the Sahara desert, which runs from West Africa to parts of East Africa, “Sudan.” This is because the word “Sudan” refers to a place and a time in history.

In the world of education right now, there is a clear trend of Nigerian students going to Sudan to get a better education. This new trend makes it clear that Sudan is a great place to go to school because it offers a lot of great perks and chances. Nigerian students are flocking to well-known Sudanese schools like the University of Khartoum. This shows that foreign education is changing in a new way.

Why more Nigerian students are going to school in Sudan

Sudan has a lot to offer in terms of education, and one of the biggest draws is that it is affordable. When you add up the costs of tuition, housing, and living in Sudan, they are usually cheaper than in many other countries. This makes Sudan a good place for Nigerian students to go if they want to get a good education at a fair price.

Also, Sudanese universities offer a wide range of degree programmes to meet the needs of students with different academic hobbies. Nigerian students can choose from a wide range of areas to study, from the sciences and humanities to professional fields like engineering and medicine.

Also, Sudan has been making progress towards making it easier for foreign students to study there. Bilateral deals between Nigeria and Sudan have helped create this friendly environment, which has led to educational and cultural exchanges that are good for Nigerian students.

Similarities in culture and language between Nigeria and Sudan help Nigerian students adjust to their new lives in Sudan. The shared faith practises and cultural norms make Sudan feel like home, especially for students who come from the northern parts of Nigeria.

Advantages of Going to School in Sudan

Nigerian students who go to school in Sudan, like at the University of Khartoum, have access to world-class schools with good academic reputations in the area.

There are always chances to learn about other cultures and share your own when you study abroad. Nigerian students in Sudan are immersed in a different culture, which gives them a broader view of the world and a deeper knowledge of it.

Nigerian students who study in Sudan can also get a lot of job chances from what they learn there. Studying abroad gives you a competitive edge, and networking chances in Sudan can be very helpful on the job market around the world.

Also, Nigerian students can get the money they need through scholarships and other programmes. This makes it possible for them to go to school in Sudan.

Problems that Nigerian students studying in Sudan have to deal with

Even though Nigerian and Sudanese cultures are similar, Nigerian students in Sudan may still have trouble with the language and culture. Language, customs, and social values that are different can be a problem.

Some Nigerian students may also find it difficult to get a student visa. Even though bilateral deals can make this process easier, it can still be hard.

Sudan has tried to help international students, but there may not be many tools available for Nigerian students in particular. This shortage could make it harder for them to learn and make them feel like they don’t fit.

Even though the cost of schooling is lower in Sudan, the cost of living there may still be too high for some Nigerian students. Things like housing, food, and transportation can add to the total cost and make the trip more expensive than imagined.


Nigerian students have a unique and valuable chance to study in Sudan. There are many benefits, such as low tuition, a wide range of degree programmes, and a friendly atmosphere. But it’s important to also think about the problems that could come up, like cultural differences, visa problems, and high living costs. Even with these problems, studying in Sudan could give them a wider view of the world and a competitive edge that could help them in their future jobs. So, Nigerian students are urged to take advantage of this chance, but they should do so knowing both the pros and cons.

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