This is why Kucoin price is pumping plus three altcoins to watch


This is why Kucoin price is pumping plus three altcoins to watch – KuCoin Token (KCS) has seen some upward movement since last weekend and still seeing high social media interest as at the time of writing this post; if you are wondering why Kucoin token is generating lots of interest keep reading this post till the end.

Kucoin token have seen a whopping 48.8% increase in price the past seven days and 31.6% of it happened this past 24hrs according to information from coinmarketcap and coingecko as at press time.

The reason for the interest is that Over the weekend, the project announced a giveaway of 500 Tether (CRYPTO: USDT) for those watching the EURO2020 soccer championships.

Kucoin tweet
Kucoin tweet

KuCoin trended briefly on Stocktwits list of top trending streams on Monday night.

The coin is an exchange token which started since 2017 with a total maximum supply of 200m with a buy back and burn strategy which could potentially reduce the total supply to 100m.

kucoin chart
kucoin chart – Source: Coingecko

Is it wise to buy Kucoin token right now?

The token currently have a marketcap of $843,176,085 as at press time and comparing the worth of the kucoin exchange token to Binance Coin (BNB) which currently have a marketcap of $49,196,103,553; Kucoin token will have to do over 50x to measure up with Binance and that’s a lot of growth potential.

Deciding to buy Kucoin token boils down to a matter of your risk appetite because the current market sentiment is triangulating between bearish and bullish, but considering that Kucoin token is less than $1b marketcap it has proven to be an altcoin with lots of potential.

Three other altcoins to watch out

These three altcoins have shown lots of movement over the weekend in a market where sentiments are mostly bearish, the list below are the coins to keep a close eye on:

Baby doge coin: Thanks Elon Musk the infant dogecoin is going to the moon following a tweet by Tesla owner, Baby dogecoin have seen a 228.6% in the past seven days and its currently experiencing a little correction, you may want to keep an eye on this.

Shiba Inu: Also a memecoin like baby dogecoin, Shiba have shown tremendous interest on social media this week; since the popularity of dogecoin another token called Shiba Inu came into focus after capitalizing on dogecoin hype to establish itself as a top contender on top of memecoin food chain.

Polygon Coin (Matic): Polygon is a layer 2 blockchain seeking to provide a scaling option on the Ethereum blockcain, the token has been trending on coingecko for the past 48hrs and in terms of price action it has remained strong so far, you may want to keep an eye on this token.


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