MD Films launches special NFT against human abuse and violence

MD Films launches special NFT against human abuse and violence
MD Films launches special NFT against human abuse and violence

MD Films launches special NFT against human abuse and violence – MD Films,  a film production company in UAE and Europe, is launching a special NFT against human abuse and violence. The Non-Fungible Tokens will be launched on the Rarible blockchain platform and 10% of the proceeds will go to UNICEF Child Protection and the Dubai Cares.

With that, artists join this important social issue campaign and the MD Films team shared a teaser on their youtube channel.

Basically, the goal is to speak out against physical, emotional, sexual, or financial domestic violence and abuse. Consequently, a series of nine videos dubbed “Unlock Secrets” will be unveiled weekly. It will be showcasing its block of anti-abuse-related videos at the charity foundation for “Education in Emergencies”.

MD Films revealed that the inspiration to create this series of videos was to send a message to people. They believe that the way to free oneself from an abusive situation is to speak out and Unlock Secrets.

According to National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), every minute, twenty people are physically abused by an intimate partner in the US. In most cases, victims of domestic abuse don’t call out for help to anyone. World statics is even more frightening as seen on the data from United Nations. One in three women worldwide experience physical or sexual violence mostly by an intimate partner. Cases have become more visible particularly during the pandemic.

As a way to help lessen these alarming numbers, MD Films Founder Maria Danke stated,

We strive to use the influx of digital life as an opportunity to have our impact on ending abuse and violence. We aspire to use the possibilities NFT art provides to address the topic of abuse, which is extremely important to us. The first step to preventing abuse in society lies in the ability to talk about it.

Maria Danke is a member of the Writer’s Union of Ukraine, and she studied at the Film Academy in Los Angeles. She’s been working as a film director and producer for European and Middle East companies for over 10 years where she created her list of great cinematography and acquired several awards.

Clearly, MD Films takes this stance against domestic abuse as it strongly believes that abuse should be eradicated from modern society. Hence, the release of the “Unlock Secrets” series. It will showcase fragments of violent scenes and sufferings that many human beings go through daily.

Based on thorough research, the series “Unlock Secrets” not only shows the most frequently used phrases by abusers but also teaches victims the recommended answers for such situations.

Of note, Three unique NFT videos from the ‘Unlock Secrets’ series are already available with the rest to become available from now until the end of July. Here are some of the snippets of the 9 videos.

Video 1 is where an abuser says ‘That will be our secret’, the answer? ‘All the secrets come out’.

Video 2 is where an abuser says ‘No one will believe you’, the answer? ‘The truth will come out’.

Video 3 is where the abuser says ‘Who pays is in charge’, the answer? ‘You can pay, but I am not for sale’.

Video 4 is where the abuser says ‘No rape, only love’, the answer? ‘Love creates, not destroys’.

Video 5 is where the abuser says ‘I’ll tell everyone that you did it.’, the answer? ‘The consequences will be terrible, but the truth will be mine’.

Video 6 is where the abuser says ‘That’s your fault’, the answer? ‘It’s nobody’s fault’.

Video 7 is where the abuser says ‘Victory at any cost.’, the answer? ‘Not at the cost of my health’.

Video 8 is where the abuser says ‘I’m stronger than you’, the answer? ‘Everyone has their own power’.

Video 9 is where the abuser says ‘You’re nothing without me’, the answer? ‘ I’ve always been myself’.

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